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Bank of England Increase Base Rate By 0.5%
The prices of rent across England again increased during May, this is the fifth consecutive monh this year! Prices are now at their highest level recorded since Septmenber 2022. 
The government introduced the Renters' Reform Bill to parliament on 17 May 2023.  The proposed reforms commit to 'bring  better deals for renters' and marks 'the biggest shake-up of the private rented sector in 30 years', the idea is to level up housing quality.
The Bank of England is set to raise interest rates to 4.5% on Thursday in a fresh bid to cool inflation, which remains stubbornly high at 10.1%.
The government’s proposal for all rental properties to have a minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of C by 2025 will add pressure to those already faced by landlords and may lead to many exiting the sector.
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